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Is PAT used to analyze project_national directory in ResStock v2.3.0?

asked 2020-10-18 21:02:33 -0600

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updated 2020-10-19 11:09:51 -0600

Something caught my surprise when looking through the change log posted by the NREL ResStock teams v2.3.0 update, which can be found here:

Specifically, the change log said, "Remove the single-family detached project, and remove PAT from the testing and multifamily projects."

This is a question targeted specifically to the NREL ResStock team.

Does ResStock v2.3.0 use PAT in any way? What GUI has replaced it, if any? Are simulations not run through a GUI but rather through an engine (similar to oldschool energyplus?).

Right now, I am assuming that I should open project_national in PAT and proceed with a similar method as I have done before with project_single family detached using ResStock v2.2.4.

I was looking on the readthedocs for ResStock v2.3.0, found here: I find no reference to parametric analysis, but apply upgrade with parameter|option pairing is still a thing so I am assuming that PAT is used in some way.

Note: when opening the buildstockbatch documentation on the latest readthedocs I got a code 404 not found error, so that might be something that the NREL team should look into.

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answered 2020-10-19 09:24:35 -0600

This is answered by the at

  • Versions 2.2.5 and prior support the use of the publicly available OpenStudio-PAT software as an interface for deploying simulations on cloud computing. Read the documentation for v2.2.5.
  • Versions 2.3.0 and later only support the use of buildstockbatch, which is not yet publicly available, for deploying simulations on high-performance or cloud computing.
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