RADIANCE, Five-phase method: changing output type to -oc

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Hi everyone,

We are simulating a case study using the Five Phase-Method tutorial, only with the Three-Phase, there is a warning at the end:

warning - changing output type to -oc

dctimestep -o results/3ph/mid_%04d.hdr matrices/vmtx/hdrmtx/mid_%03d.hdr ./xml/mid.xml   matrices/dmtx/mid.dmx skies/City-march21-m4.smx

I notice the difference with the other two phases of the method, with the 3phase-Direct and the Sun-Coefficient, the output of the images is printed starting with 0001, while with the 3phase is printed starting with 0000.

The issue comes with the combination of all the phases:

for idx in {0000..0023}; do pcomb -h -e 'ro=ri(1)-ri(2)+ri(3);go=gi(1)-gi(2)+gi(3);bo=bi(1)-bi(2)+bi(3)' -o results/3ph/mid_${idx}.hdr -o results/3phdir/mid_${idx}.hdr  -o results/cds/mid_${idx}.hdr > results/FivePhAnnual/mid_${idx}.hdr ; done

Here is complex choice, since I have images from 0 to 23 (three phase) and from 1 to 24 (Three-phase-Direct and Sun-Coefficient). Either I put 0..23 (not such a file or directory for the 0000 file), or 1..24 (not such a file or directory for the 0024 file).

I guess RADIANCE is combining images by number, since my weather file has Solar Irradiance data from 6 to 18, and after combining all the phases I get images from 6 to 19 (the rest is 15kb). One extra image with data resulting from 3phD and SC?

Can anyone point me to a possible origin of these errors? What does it mean changing the output to -oc?

I'd appreciate your reply, thank you


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