There is a grey bar across the bottom of my screen which is restricting me from accessing the run tab and the results tab, has anyone faced this issue before?

asked 2020-10-14 09:29:47 -0500

DavidMoloney gravatar image

updated 2020-10-14 14:15:54 -0500

I am using version 3.0.1 of OpenStudio, and the application tab is immobile and cannot be made bigger or smaller, when not in full-screen mode, and is restricting access to the run and results tab.

When the application is full-screen, a grey bar appears across the bottom of the screen, which is restricting access to the run and results tabs.

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Which operating system are you using? Can you attach a screenshot?

macumber gravatar imagemacumber ( 2020-10-17 12:04:08 -0500 )edit