Apply interior constructions to surface (for radiant floor)

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I'm currently using OS 2.9.1 and model a residential building in which I wanted to apply a Low Temperature Radiant Floor. I seemd to have read all posts regarding this topic (this seem closest link text) and might have found the the reason for the error message: * Severe * ZoneHVAC:LowTemperatureRadiant:SurfaceGroup = LOW TEMP RADIANT CONST FLOWFLOORS does not have any surfaces listed.

Comparing a working model with mine (both have the same construction set) I can see in the Spaces Tab -> Surfaces, that in the working model the internal source floor is applied to a surface that is another one than the surface of the ground floor. In my model there exist only the surface of the ground floor (even tough I applied exterior, interior and ground floors in my construction set).

I was wondering how I can apply the internal source construction that it creates a new surface for the interior floor or whether I have to make changes in the geometry for which I use Floorspace JS.

Thank you for your help!

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