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Adding Output:Variable Output:Table:Summary reports & Output:table:Monthly variables to osm

asked 2020-09-30 02:30:09 -0500

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updated 2020-09-30 13:22:57 -0500

Unfortunately Im struggling working the SDK to add the following Output variables to my osm:

  Convention,          !- Name
  2,                       !- Digits After Decimal
  Surface Outside Face Convection Heat Transfer Coefficient,  !- Variable or Meter 1 Name
  SumOrAverage;            !- Aggregation Type for Variable or Meter 1

  Convection,          !- Key Value
  Surface Outside Face Natural Convection Model Equation Index,  !- Variable Name
  Hourly;                  !- Reporting Frequency

as well as these Output:Table:SummaryReports

  AllSummaryAndMonthly,    !- Report 1 Name 
  Standard62.1Summary;  !Report 2 Name

Is there some example code/measures which can do this? Would the best approach be to simply add these objects as IDF objects through an E+ measure (these objects didnt seem to be supported through the SDK)

I did find this measure but it didnt seem to work: Retrofit LCC Measure

many thanks and sorry about the bad formatting I cant seem to get it right

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1 Answer

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answered 2020-09-30 16:31:01 -0500

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Hi Answer my own question an E+ measure at the end of the workflow is the best approach, I modified the measure linked above to add summary reports and I injected output variables and output monthly tables as IDF objects

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Asked: 2020-09-30 02:30:09 -0500

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