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Why does my Openstudio crashes when I open it from it program or go thru sketchup 2017

asked 2020-09-29 11:39:58 -0500

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updated 2020-09-30 13:22:35 -0500

Greeting to All,

My file keep crashing when I open it directly from the Openstudio program or when I go thru Sketchup 2017. I read some similar questions similar to this one, and tried searching for loose geometry. I am not the expert, so, I really don't the coding very well. Also, I tried surface matching and everything is matches. In addition, after surface matching and successfully got into Openstudio, when reviewing the model from the geometry tab, if I can get there, I see a diagonal line on the face of the model, what up with that? Changes in Sketchup 2017 don't always carry thru to Openstudio when I launch the program from within Sketchup 2017

My second question - Will the current version of Openstudio, Ver 3.0.1 work with Sketchup 2017. What is your straight forward opinion on using Sketchup 2017 with Openstudio.

My model with not attach to this post.

Thanks, James.

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1 Answer

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answered 2020-09-30 12:07:51 -0500

Can you indicate what error you are seeing when trying to launch the OpenStudio App?

A diagonal line on a surface tends to indicate that the surface isn't planar - one of the vertices is not in line with the other three. Take a closer look at your model by opening it in a text editor and inspecting the vertices for the surface with the diagonal line. See if they all lie on the same plane.

In sketchup, have you set the view to boundary surface type and looked through the model on each axis (x,y,x) with the cross-sectional viewer tool? That will help identify remaining surface matching errors. Just because the surface matching script runs does not mean the model is surface matched - if two surfaces don't share vertices, they won't match.

You can also use the model inspector tool to see if there are orphaned surfaces or spaces.

If using sketchup, I recommend using the plugin with an older version of openstudio, and saving it in the older format, and then updating the model version by opening it with the 3.0.1 app version. Sketchup is not supported for use with OpenStudio v3.0+. Floorspace.js is the preferred approach for OpenStudio v3.0+ models.

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