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Change occupancy profile in BeOpt

asked 2020-09-27 09:54:51 -0600

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I am trying to model various cases for a home; one with a regular working schedule (away 7a-6p) and a working from home schedule where the occupancy is 1.0 the entire day. Any suggestions for doing this? I know that # of bedrooms impacts occupancy, but I can't find anything to adjust the time the occupants are home aside from changing limited appliance schedules.

Thank you in advance for the help!

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1 Answer

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answered 2020-09-30 16:49:24 -0600

BEopt allows changing schedules for plug loads, most appliances, and heating/cooling setpoints. That comprises the majority of the building energy use, but you are correct that not every energy use can be scheduled in BEopt. Certain complex schedules (e.g., hot water and lighting) that significantly change based on other inputs (e.g., number of bedrooms, location) cannot currently be user-specified.

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Thanks for the confirmation. Is there any way to access the input file for the occupancy schedule and change it that way using code?

jtsly9's avatar jtsly9  ( 2020-10-01 18:40:31 -0600 )edit

The only real option is to modify the C:\Program Files (x86)\NREL\BEopt_2.8.0\Modeling\ file, which is a python script that controls translating the BEopt inputs to the EnergyPlus IDF input file. You could override the schedules there.

(There is an option where you could export the EnergyPlus IDF from BEopt and manually edit/run it, but I would strongly discourage going this route. BEopt uses a lot of custom EnergyPlus reports and you would be likely to misinterpret the simulation outputs.)

shorowit's avatar shorowit  ( 2020-10-02 09:56:21 -0600 )edit

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