Why PPD factor in my simulation in EnergyPlus doesn't decrease? moreover, Cooling and specially Heating demand aren't appropriate with package terminal heat pomp?

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I simulated building with 2 zones by Energy Plus. The area of building is 48 m2. One of the zone is conditional and another one is unconditional.The unconditional zone cover by PCM and another one has current materials. both of zones have openable windows in exterior envelope in addition both of them communicated by windows in adjacent interior envelopes. These windows applied to airflow and natural ventilation.

The building was simulated in hat and dry climate.And other set up including building function is office, "Clo:1 for winter and 0.5 for summer", "air velocity: 0.2 for summer and 0.1 for winter" "HTPH for HVAC" ,and " AirFlow Network without distribution for natural ventilation". set point schedule for openable window are 22 c and 26 c base on ASHREA. Cooling and Heating thermostat are 21 and 28.

Annual results of simulation are " Cool electricity: 92.99 [GJ]" , "Heating electricity: 743.93 [GJ] " , "package PTHP: 469.15 [GJ] " and, "PPD: 11.92 [%] "

Why in hot and dry climate the "Heating electricity: 743.93 [GJ] " is more than " Cool electricity: 92.99 [GJ]"? Where is the mistake?

I appreciate your attention.

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Could you include the IDF file along with question? (Add a dropbox link?)

Jmythms's avatar Jmythms  ( 2020-10-08 10:25:07 -0500 )edit