Convergence error when using EMS Surface Construction State to assign shutters to internal glazed doors

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What I intend with my code has been explained in my previous long "question" (

I assumed EMS Surface Construction State is possible to assign: a shading device to internal windows/glass doors, and a second shading device to external windows (I used blinds with WindowShadingControl and shutters with Surface Construction State, both operated according to EMS controls). My program runs smoothly except for the part of the shutters on my sunroom's internal glazed doors. Without that little part of the EMS code, everything is fine. With that, I get a nasty 'Convergence error in SolveForWindowTemperatures' that I can't get rid of (I tried the tips of increasing the HVAC's minimum supply temperature and the 'convergence tolerance value' on Building):

>        ** Severe  ** Convergence error in SolveForWindowTemperatures for
> window SUNR_ DOE_ DLIV
>        **   ~~~   **  During Warmup, Environment=RUN PERIOD, at Simulation
> time=01/01 00:20 - 00:22
>        **   ~~~   ** Glazing face index = 1 ; new temperature =NANC  ;
> previous temperature = 22.9876C
>        **   ~~~   ** Glazing face index = 2 ; new temperature =NANC  ;
> previous temperature = 22.9999C
>        **  Fatal  ** Program halted because of convergence error in
> SolveForWindowTemperatures for window
>        ...Summary of Errors that led to program termination:
>        ..... Reference severe error count=1

It actually shows the error for the adjacent surface of one of the two glass doors manipulated wih EMS Construction State (I even tried to actuate on the adjacent surfaces as well with symmetric constructions, and it caused E+ to crash). I also tried to increase greatly the thickness of the glass, since this error is related to the calculation of conduction through the glass panes, [] and the error also persisted.

Below is the shutters on glass doors part of my EMS script:

    LivingArea_wiShadingControl,  !- Name
    IF SUNRdoEOpenFactor == 0 && (HOUSEOccupancy == 0 || SunIsUp == 0),  !- A46
    SET SUNRdoEConstruct = IntGlaDoorwIntShutter,  !- A47
    SET SUNRdoWConstruct = IntGlaDoorwIntShutter,  !- A48
    ELSE,                    !- A49
    SET SUNRdoEConstruct = Null,  !- A50
    SET SUNRdoWConstruct = Null,  !- A51
    ENDIF;                   !- A52

The OpenFactor has been calculated with EMS and shows no problems (it runs first). I can provide more if someone can help me solve this error. Of course I can ultimately just remove the shutters, but I'm trying to use the sunroom as a buffer zone and would really like to have the shutters as well as the doors opening/closing.

If you know how to help me, please let me know. Thanks in advance!

--- EDIT

Here's a link to a Dropbox folder with both my full IDF and the runnable "without shutters on SUNR's doors" IDF. About them: I haven't set up my materials and constructions yet, it's loaded with the default ones (I wanted to do the hard part first). Only the blinds, shade and the constructions with a default glass and my shade (to use on EMS) were inserted by me. But it runs fine minus the shutters on glass doors code. (Output:Variable is already loaded because I copied what I wanted from the runnable one.)

Heads-up: my runnable file takes ... (more)

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@Mafalda Correia could you post a link to the IDF where the EMS is defined? That's the best way to have others run the model and debug what's going on. Usually, a severe error related to "NANC" means that the user didn't set an input correctly or there is a bug in the EnergyPlus source code where a calculation variable or parameter is incorrectly set.

Aaron Boranian gravatar image Aaron Boranian  ( 2020-09-15 16:19:30 -0600 )edit

@Aaron Boranian, thank you very much for replying, I really appreciate your help! I edited the post to include a link to my IDFs (with and without the problematic code). Thank you!

Mafalda Correia gravatar image Mafalda Correia  ( 2020-09-15 18:11:37 -0600 )edit