Heating/Cooling Setpoint in FMU schedule example

asked 2020-09-07 22:06:27 -0500

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Hello to everyone, I´ve been trying to replicate the schedule example from E+toFMU V.3 within Dymola. I've already tried to solve this following some advice found in the forum but It doesn´t seem to be working out.

When I connect Dymola control loop with a new Room Setpoint for the heating to the FMU input, it doesn't seem to be affecting the simulation output at all. Hence, the Room temperature setpoint of the FMU remains the same.

Being more specific, I´m trying to change the Heating Setpoint from 20°C to 18°C in the FMU, To do this I'm setting the run period in Dymola for January 1st (84600 secs). The communication step size is 900s and the FMU will do 96 steps. I have no problem running the co-simulation. The FMU seems to be receiving the signal from Dymola. The original Run period of the IDF example file is for 3 days in June, however, I also set Dymola to meet those specific dates but the room temperature (24°C for summer) did not change either.

Is there something I´m missing? Any help on this would be great.


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