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Modifying the idd in E+ is not recognized

asked 2020-08-26 02:33:21 -0600

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updated 2020-10-25 19:24:51 -0600

I’m trying to increase the number of nodes in the E+ stratified tank model to more than 10. I modified the maximum number of nodes and added the the additional loss coefficient fields in both the idd and idf files. But I’m still getting the error “ not a valid object type “ so my guess is that the modifications I made in the idd file is not being read by E+. So am I doing something wrong or what?


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2 Answers

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answered 2020-08-26 17:04:09 -0600

I'm not an expert on the stratified tank model, but I am pretty sure that the IDD is not processed at runtime by more recent versions of E+. I believe it gets processed at compile time. So in general I don't think that will work any longer. In this particular case, just from looking at the IDD of the object, it looks like it would probably require source code modifications in order to handle a different number of nodes. So I think the ultimate answer to your question is that you may need to modify the source code to change the number of nodes. I'll try to verify by looking at the source code, will update this answer if I find something different.

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answered 2020-08-27 21:21:42 -0600

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Thanks Jason... I heard the same thing about the IDD not being processed at runtime, but the weird thing is that when I modified the number of nodes and added the loss coefficients to the extra nodes in the IDD, those fields I added did appear in the IDF file. So I thought it still being processed at runtime.

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Did you do the addition of the node data with IdfEditor? I think that program still reads the IDD at runtime, so I believe it should behave differently if you change the IDD.

Jason DeGraw's avatar Jason DeGraw  ( 2020-08-27 21:53:23 -0600 )edit

IdfEditor still reads the IDD so you will see your changes there, however, EnergyPlus does NOT read IDD or epJSON Schema at runtime. The epJSON Schema is compiled into the executable, see this for reference.

MarkAdams's avatar MarkAdams  ( 2020-08-28 06:46:11 -0600 )edit

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