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Hi DB Team,

We are simulating an office building with an external glazed corridor. The workspace is a conditioned space whereas the corridor is not. But, the air from the workspace is overflowed through the corridor before exhausting it. So, this way the corridor is cooled down to a certain extent without creating overshoots.

Please let me know if it is possible to create an overflow of air from one zone to another in design builder.

Regards, Prethvi Raj, Building Performance Analyst, TRAJECTR 361. C:\fakepath\Overflow air from one zone to another.JPG

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@Prethvi Raj this seems to be a duplicate or your other question here. It's not the exact same (overflow from office into corridor instead of overflow from living space into toilet), but the process would be the same. If that is the case, I will close this question.

Aaron Boranian's avatar Aaron Boranian  ( 2020-08-13 08:18:17 -0500 )edit