eQuest shows -999 °F unoccupied setpoint in hourly reports (model set to 70 °F unoccupied)

asked 2020-08-02 10:16:59 -0500

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updated 2020-08-02 13:43:27 -0500

I figured out how to show zone temps for any hour of the year, using hourly reports (see 1st image, see imgur link below). But the funny thing is, when I look at the hourly reports, it shows my setback temp as -999.0 °F (see 2nd image), even though my setback (overnight) temp in the model is set to 70 °F. Furthermore, when I use the wizard to create an eQuest default office building, and I don't change anything (leaving everything default), and runt he hourly report, it also shows a setback temp of -999 °F. You'll notice below that the "ZONE TEMP" drops as low as 36F (2 °C) overnight which is obviously not what we want. Maybe the hourly report thing is showing bad info? It's so weird. But if the model is using -999 °F as the setback temp, then of course it will mess up the building energy use. Anyone have any idea about the -999°F issue I have? Thanks. Here are the images: https://imgur.com/a/bQS0Gcb

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-999 is the default value for several variables in E+ when they are initialized. sounds like this variable is not getting used at all.

BrianLBall gravatar imageBrianLBall ( 2020-08-03 12:02:15 -0500 )edit