Locating my IDF file while using "Annual building energy simulation" in Revit.

asked 2020-07-29 04:05:10 -0500

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updated 2020-07-29 08:34:37 -0500

Hi all,

I did an architectural design using Revit 2020, then I created my energy model and I did a system analysis (Annual building energy simulation). I got a report similar to one by Energyplus . where can I found my IDF file who is used by Revit/E+ to create the report?

NB: I'm trying to find a method to create IDF file from Revit without using GBS and then export IDF file. Thank you.

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Hi, I've the same question. Did you find a solution?

archimick gravatar image archimick  ( 2021-05-08 09:49:42 -0500 )edit