Hourly envelope heat gain data

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I hope this query finds you well.

I am running simulations on openstudio version 2.9.1. for estimating the envelope heat gain for a building. With reference to this estimation may I present few queries as listed below:

From the measure Envelope and Internal Load Breakdown, how is it possible to attain the hourly envelope heat gains data apart from the existing monthly data? Moreover, how can I implement this into the pre-existing measure Envelope and Internal Load Breakdown?

While implementing this request to access the hourly envelope heat gain or surface average face conduction heat gain in the above said measure, is it possible to write the hourly data into an excel sheet automatically as the simulation is completed?

Lastly, but not the least how does the above referred measure access energy plus to get the heat gain and heat loss data?

Any help on any of the above queries is much appreciated.

Thank you.

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