IECC Simulated Performance Alternative for tropical home?

asked 2020-07-20 14:29:59 -0600

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Hawaii Island county has adopted IECC 2015 standards, with some amendments. The Simulated Performance Alternative is supported. As I understand it, I essentially need to model the annual energy cost of the proposed design and compare to a defined reference design. In my case, I want to build a concrete house and omit using any insulation. The climate is very good, and no AC nor any heating will be called for in the home. As a result, my conclusion is the energy usage of the home should be the same, regardless of insulation. You simply keep the home ventilated 24/7.

Does using BEopt software to model as described above seem like a feasible approach to getting approval for a uninsulated concrete home under IECC simulated performance alternative? Anybody comment on having successfully (or not) something similar?

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