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simulation failed when adding night manager

asked 2020-07-20 09:55:01 -0500

TheEnergyTutor gravatar image

updated 2020-08-16 16:29:02 -0500

Can someone tell me why this fails? I have a short 2-minute video link so you can see the configuration. Sorry but i am not allowed to share my model.

image description

[openstudio.model.AvailabilityManagerNightCycle] <2> Object of type 'OS:AvailabilityManager:NightCycle' and named 'AVM Night Cycle 1' does not have a controlThermalZoneList attached
[10:51:46.059534 ERROR] Found error in state 'translator' with message 
  ["C:\\Users\\jenkins\\git\\OpenStudio\\src\\model\\AvailabilityManagerNightCycle.cpp@243 : Object of type 'OS:AvailabilityManager:NightCycle' and named 'AVM Night Cycle 1' does not have a controlThermalZoneList attached:
  :/ruby/2.5.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-2.0.0/lib/openstudio/workflow/util/model.rb:105:in `translateModel'
  :/ruby/2.5.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-2.0.0/lib/openstudio/workflow/util/model.rb:105:in `translate_to_energyplus'
  :/ruby/2.5.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-2.0.0/lib/openstudio/workflow/jobs/run_translation.rb:72:in `perform'
  :/ruby/2.5.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-2.0.0/lib/openstudio/workflow/run.rb:292:in `step'
  :/ruby/2.5.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-2.0.0/lib/openstudio/workflow/run.rb:234:in `run'
  :/openstudio_cli.rb:973:in `execute'
  :/openstudio_cli.rb:763:in execute'
  :/openstudio_cli.rb:1757:in `<main>'
  eval:149:in `eval'
  eval:149:in `require_embedded_absolute'
  eval:123:in `block in require'
  eval:117:in `each'
  eval:117:in `require'
  eval:3:in `<main>'"]}

A similar issue was reported here but not resolved:

Thank you.

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Thanks for reporting this, seems to hint at underlying SDK issue vs. a GUI issue. I filed an issue for this.

David Goldwasser gravatar image David Goldwasser  ( 2020-07-20 11:39:17 -0500 )edit

1 Answer

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answered 2020-08-04 06:13:16 -0500

Fixed after 3.0.1

Thanks for reporting this issue. It has been filed by @David Goldwasser at NREL/OpenStudio#4020 and fixed by NREL/OpenStudioPR#4030

The fix will be in the next release after 3.0.1.


In the meantime, there is a workaround: do NOT drag the AvailabilityManagerNightCycle from the hvac_library, instead use the dropdown "Use Night Cycle" and select "Cycle on..." option. This will ensure the class constructor is used instead of cloning, and the ModelObjectLists will be properly populated.

Additional Notes

For the record, if you plan on using a "Control Type" that depends on these ModelObjectLists, you probably should use the bindings to populate them carefully. If left blank, they will be defaulted to all zones served by the loop. You can follow the (quite extensive) logic implemented in ForwardTranslateAvailabilityManagerNightCycle.cpp#L128-L450

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