Best way to model baseline building in ResStock/PAT?

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For reference, I am running ResStock v2.2.4, with OpenStudio v2.9.0, which uses EnergyPlus v9.2.0.

I am trying to model 100 buildings that use the same heating and cooling equipment as a baseline building stock to compare various heat pump upgrades to. Specifically, the equipment I have chosen for our analysis is a SEER 15 AC and an 80% AFUE Propane Furnace. Other housing characteristics are determined via the conditional probability distributions tsv files in housing_characteristics.

The location that I am interested in modelling is within custom region (CR) 9. I have chosen one of the 216 TMY3 locations to be Asheville AP. Therefore, the Location.tsv configuration is below:Location tsv file

The Location Region.tsv configuration is below: image description

Additionally, because I wish all houses to have propane as their heating method, I have the following configuration in Heating Fuel.tsv to specify 100% probability of having propane as the heating fuel.

Heating Fuel all propane config

I have found that there are two ways to specify all houses have a SEER 15 AC and an 80% AFUE Propane Furnace when running the simulation. I want to determine which one to use in my future simulations.


The first way is to use the ResStock default versions of HVAC System Heating Propane.tsv and HVAC System Cooling.tsv, which are presented below for CR09, and specify 80% AFUE and SEER 15 AC in Apply Upgrade in the PAT GUI.

HVAC System Heating Propane.tsv ResStock Default:

image description

HVAC System Cooling.tsv ResStock Default:

image description

PAT GUI Apply Upgrade: image description

Option 1 field contains HVAC System Heating Propane|Propane Furnace, 80% AFUE

image description

Option 2 field contains HVAC System Cooling|AC, SEER 15


The second way to specify SEER 15 AC and 80% AFUE Propane Furnace is to do so in the HVAC System Heating Propane.tsv and HVAC System Cooling.tsv files.

HVAC System Heating Propane.tsv, 80% AFUE Propane Furnace config: image description

HVAC System Cooling.tsv, SEER 15 AC config: image description

Additionally, I would then skip Apply Upgrade in the PAT GUI, because the OpenStudio house models generated would already possess the equipment that I needed.

image description

The purpose of these simulations is to generate a typical housing stock to compare the cost and CO2 benefits to for switching to different types of ASHP and MSHP equipment. Is Method 1 or Method 2 preferable? I wouldn't really expect there to be a difference in the results between the two methods, but that is just an expectation. All things equal, Method 2 is probably preferable because when skipping Apply Upgrade measure, the results.csv file will actually contain the building characteristics of the houses, whereas if Apply Upgrade is "on", the building characteristics will not be there.

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I ended up choosing method 2, because skipping apply upgrade measure results in the housing characteristics such as insulation, square footage, etc actually being outputted in results.csv

sashadf1 gravatar image sashadf1  ( 2020-11-04 23:16:52 -0600 )edit