EMS actuator keeps the same value for all simulation time? [closed]

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Hi all,

I have a Loop consisting of HX Liquid to Liquid, Electric Chiller EIR, Circulation Pump and Ice storage Tank. I'm using EMS in EnergyPlus to make the HX "stop working" while the ice storage tank outlet temperature is higher than 15 degree Celsius.

I create an EMS program by using Actuator for HX Schedule and a sensor for ice storage tank outlet temperature. I found out that when The ice storage outlet temperature is higher than 15, the HX schedule is 0 ( OFF)which is good!! but keeping OFF for the whole upcoming hours till the end of simulation??

How to make it OFF if the Ice storage tank outlet temp is higher than 15, else re-use its programmed schedule?

Thank you

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The third answer in this post about setting an actuator to "null" for the situations where you no longer want to override controls should help you out.

Aaron Boranian's avatar Aaron Boranian  ( 2020-07-02 09:27:20 -0600 )edit

Thank you, its working

sergerwehbe's avatar sergerwehbe  ( 2020-07-03 02:20:31 -0600 )edit