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Calculate building loads in EnergyPlus from Modelica zone temperature

asked 2020-07-01 13:47:51 -0500

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updated 2020-07-01 13:56:22 -0500

I am trying to replicate this paper which models the HVAC system completely in Modelica and the building envelope and loads in EnergyPlus. I am unable to figure out how they get the zone temperatures of the EnergyPlus model to equal the zone temperatures of the Modelica model. "The EnergyPlus model calculates the building thermal load so that the zone temperatures can be equal to the ones received from the Modelica simulation at the previous data exchange."

How can you make EnergyPlus calculate building thermal loads from a specified temperature? Assuming through EMS. I understand how to setup the FMU, just not sure what to do with the zone temperature once it is passed from Modelica to EnergyPlus.

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1 Answer

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answered 2020-07-01 15:53:11 -0500

EMS can override many things in EnergyPlus models, but zone air temperature is not one of them. The closest that you could get using EMS is overriding zone heating/cooling thermostat setpoints.

You can actually do this using the HybridModel:Zone object. This will try to calculate zone internal thermal mass, air infiltration, and people occupant count while accepting multiple possible inputs -- including zone air temperature set as a schedule.

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