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The reason of lacking heating and cooling demand in energy plus

asked 2020-06-28 00:47:02 -0600

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updated 2020-06-30 00:44:08 -0600

I used detailed HVAC in Designbuilder to simulate energy consumption of a proposed and an Ashrae beseline model. I exported the idf file for energyplus v8.9 and ran it in order to get results and finally calculate the consumption of the building . In the idf editor it doesn't give me the result of heating and cooling electricity demand.By the way, the option to add output meters is blank so I can't take the desired results.I need these data to do optimization in JEplus .I was wondering if anybody could help me to find heating and cooling demand in energyplus.

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2 Answers

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answered 2020-07-02 04:52:18 -0600

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Hi Kimiya,

You need to first read about EnergyPlus and the different output files it generates. Here is the getting started guide:

Then you shall read about the various ways jEPlus collect data from E+ output: The data you want to collect should be all available in the tabular reports, hence the most relevant section is If you are using jEPlus v2.0, the relevant fields can be inputted on the GUI, see the screenshot here:

image description

There is no need to add anything to your model in the IDF Editor, except enabling the csv tabular output with this object:



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Thank you Yi for pointing me to this information.This detailed answer really solves my issue.

kimiya's avatar kimiya  ( 2020-07-02 23:16:40 -0600 )edit

answered 2020-07-01 06:22:11 -0600

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I'm not an advanced user, but I think you should run idf file and look for the errors (exporting models from Designbuilder can take a lot of errors when running on EnergyPlus). If everything is good, then you should have in idf editor the output meters you are looking for. Just add it and run it again.

In addition, take a look on Input Output Reference to see what are the outputs meters for your HVAC system.

I hope it helps you.

Regards, Rui Oliveira

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Thank you so much for your response. I could find the information about heating and cooling in TABLE file, but I couldn't find these data on IDF editor. The problem is when I added Heating:Electricity or District heating in text editor, it didn't give me any data or number about these values. Similarly when I typed InteriorLights:Electricity, Heating:Natural Gas, Cooling:Electricity in the rvx file to be used in the JEPlus it didn`t give me any data about these values.



kimiya's avatar kimiya  ( 2020-07-02 01:41:40 -0600 )edit

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