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Can I model wind turbine in OpenStudio?

asked 2020-06-05 04:52:26 -0500

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updated 2020-06-05 08:15:46 -0500

I cannot find an option to model wind turbine in OpenStudio (while in EnergyPlus there is an object for defining wind turbine parameters). If anyone can help about that matter I would appreciate it.

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1 Answer

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answered 2020-06-05 08:23:11 -0500

You are correct that EnergyPlus can model wind turbines, but the OpenStudio Application (a graphical user interface for EnergyPlus) does not have that feature. If the OpenStudio Application doesn't have an EnergyPlus feature, then the next place to look would be writing a measure scripting file with the OpenStudio Software Development Kit (SDK). Searching through the OpenStudio SDK, however, it doesn't appear that the EnergyPlus wind turbine object is included. So, you would not be able to apply an OpenStudio Measure, but you could apply an EnergyPlus Measure that adds or alters EnergyPlus content within the input file created by the OpenStudio Application. You could look at the Inject IDF Objects measure on the Building Component Library (BCL) as an example (or use it directly).

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