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Cooling energy consumption is way higher than heating consumption for mild climate

asked 2020-06-04 18:37:41 -0600

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updated 2020-06-04 18:38:46 -0600

I am simulating a virtual building which is representative of a large office (7000 m^2) in Ireland. I am using standard office occupancy, equipment gains, lighting gains, set-points and IdealAirLoads. Windows to wall ratio is 0.35 (standard Irish office).

Cooling energy consumption is 10 times higher than heating energy consumption (attached). What could be the reason? If I remove internal gains (attached) I heating and cooling consumption are in order, but I have set office internal gains based upon office standard guidelines in W/m^2.

Any suggestion?


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1 Answer

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answered 2020-06-04 23:29:29 -0600

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There can be a lot of reasons (not much info from the file attached)

But take a look at your schedules and the temperature setpoints.

Also look at the weather file or ambient temperature readings. The building will require more cooling energy if the building temperature is exceeding your set temperatures.

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