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openstudio_ruby/2.5.5@nrel/stable: WARN: Readline (hence GDBM) will not work on MSVC right now openstudio_ruby/2.5.5@nrel/stable: WARN: Conan LIBFFI will not allow linking right now with MSVC, so temporarilly built it from CMakeLists instead openstudio_ruby/2.5.5@nrel/stable: WARN: Conan GMP isn't supported on MSVC WARN: cpprestsdk/2.10.14@bincrafters/stable: requirement openssl/1.1.1d overridden by your conanfile to openssl/1.1.0l WARN: websocketpp/0.8.1@bincrafters/stable: requirement openssl/1.1.1d overridden by cpprestsdk/2.10.14@bincrafters/stable to openssl/1.1.0l bzip2/1.0.8: WARN: Can't update, no package in remote fmt/6.0.0: WARN: Package is corrupted, removing folder: D:\MyData\sahoo.ritesh.conan\data\fmt\6.0.0__\package\e0a02d496bbb652b6295152dfce0d3937acc0b56 fmt/6.0.0: WARN: Build folder is dirty, removing it: D:\MyData\sahoo.ritesh.conan\data\fmt\6.0.0__\build\e0a02d496bbb652b6295152dfce0d3937acc0b56 fmt/6.0.0: ERROR: Package 'e0a02d496bbb652b6295152dfce0d3937acc0b56' build faile d fmt/6.0.0: WARN: Build folder D:\MyData\sahoo.ritesh.conan\data\fmt\6.0.0__\build\e0a02d496bbb652b6295152dfce0d3937acc0b56 ERROR: fmt/6.0.0: Error in build() method, line 61 ConanException: Error 1 while executing cmake --build D:\MyData\sahoo.ritesh.conan\data\fmt\6.0.0__\build\e0a02d496bbb652b6295152dfce0d3937acc0b56\build_subfolder --config Release -- /m:12 /verbosity:minimal

CMake Error at buildcode/conan.cmake:402 (message): Conan install failed='1' Call Stack (most recent call first): buildcode/conan.cmake:492 (conan_cmake_install) ConanInstall.cmake:55 (conan_cmake_run) CMakeLists.txt:38 (include)

Configuring incomplete, errors occurred! See also "D:/BEMS/OpenStudioApplication-develop/buildcode/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log".

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The visual studio 2013 doesnot support the latest open studio 3.0 ... when migrated to 2019 the compilation is success use the latest version of the visual studio

riteshsahoo gravatar image riteshsahoo  ( 2020-06-06 04:39:39 -0600 )edit