The detail of physical formulation of surface heat balance

asked 2020-06-03 01:53:39 -0600

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Hello, everyone.

I am now learning how EnergyPlus works by reading the source code of EnergyPlus after learning Engineering Reference.

Now I feel a little difficult about the calculation of heat balance in "CalcHeatBalanceInsideSurf2".

From L.6208 of '', there are equations to calculate the current surface temperature 'TempSurfInTmp' using 'TempTerm' and 'TempDiv'. I would like to understand how those are physically formulated but I think this is not mentioned clearly in Engineering Reference.

At the same time, about the Conduction Transfer Function, I can know what kind of the things happen by reading the Engineering Reference but I cannot understand where the parameters like construct.CTFSourceIn and construct.CTFCross are directly explained in the Engineering Reference.

Where can I find the detailed information about those equations?

I am very glad if I can find some papers and I can understand the detail of physical formulation of EnergyPlus.

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