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Zero daylight Autonomy

asked 2020-05-26 22:59:25 -0600

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updated 2020-06-02 11:37:04 -0600

Hi everyone. I am new to OpenStudio and my problem is that I keep getting identical electrical lighting consumption for the various window to wall ratios. I should note that all of my zones have thermostats and are served by ideal air load. However, during the simulation through the radiance engine I get this message that the daylight autonomy for my building is zero. All of my daylight control points are assigned to the thermal zones and everything else that I can think of such as lighting and people schedule is already set. what is the problem? I copy the texts I see during the run.

Applying RadianceMeasure Result: Success Initial Condition: Input building model contains 21 spaces. Final Condition: Measure ran Radiance on the 4 spaces containing daylighting objects. Info: Begin Encoding.default_external = UTF-8 Info: Begin Encoding.default_internal = Info: Radiance multiprocessing features are not supported on Windows. Info: Using 1 core(s) for Radiance jobs Info: Found Radiance at: C:\openstudio-2.9.1\Radiance Info: Found Perl at: C:\openstudio-2.9.1\Perl\perl\bin Info: Found EnergyPlus at: C:\openstudio-2.9.1\EnergyPlus\energyplus.exe Info: Radiance version: NREL 5.0.a.12 (by googs 2016.10.04) based on RADIANCE 5.0 Official Release by G. Ward Info: Radiance binary dir: C:\openstudio-2.9.1\Radiance\bin Info: Radiance library dir: C:\openstudio-2.9.1\Radiance\lib Info: Translating OpenStudio 2.x model to Radiance format... Info: OpenStudio CLI version: Info: Working directory: 'C:\Users\zolfa\AppData\Local\Temp\OpenStudioApp.KE7060\resources\run\000_RadianceMeasure\radiance' Info: epw2wea "C:\Users\zolfa\AppData\Local\Temp\OpenStudioApp.KE7060\resources\files\USA_VA_Blacksburg-Virginia.Tech.AP.724113_TMY3.epw" wx\in.wea Info: added glare sensor 'numeric\Space_120_Glare_Sensor_1.glr' to calculation points Info: WARN: Model contains a large number of Radiance calculation points (1862), will produce large results files and potential memory issues. Info: Computing daylight coefficient matrices Info: oconv materials\materials.rad model.rad > octrees\model_dc.oct Info: Computing view matrix for uncontrolled windows (WG0) Info: oconv materials\materials.rad model.rad skies\dc_sky.rad skies\dc_sky.rad > octrees\model_WG0.oct Info: type numeric\ | rcontrib -ab 10 -ad 65536 -as 512 -dj 1 -dp 1 -dt 0 -dc 1 -lw 1.52e-005 -I+ -fo -e MF:1 -f -b tbin -bn Ntbins -faa -o output\dc\WG0.vmx -m skyglow octrees\model_WG0.oct Info: Daylight coefficient matrices computed. Info: Performing annual daylight simulation(s) Info: gendaymtx -m 1 "wx\in.wea" > annual-sky.mtx Info: dctimestep output\dc\WG0.vmx annual-sky.mtx | rmtxop -fa -c 47.4 120 11.6 - > output\ts\WG0.ill Info: Creating whole-building daylight results file... Info: INFO: Model has 0 controlled window groups Info: Finalizing output... Info: rmtxop -fa output\ts\WG0.ill -t | getinfo - > output\merged_space.ill Info: Parsing daylighting results Info: Returning annual results Info: Updating lighting load schedules Info: Cannot find timeseries 'Zone People Occupant Count' for ThermalZone 'Thermal Zone 1'. Info: Cannot find timeseries 'Zone Lights Electric ... (more)

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1 Answer

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answered 2020-05-29 19:21:26 -0600

I'm not expert working with Radiance through Openstudio, but:

check daylighting control point(s) setup. Info: Removing daylighting controls for EnergyPlus run...

Here is the issue and the advice to solve it too

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Thanks for your response. Apparently Radiance will remove daylight control points before handing it to the EnergyPlus. Also, all of my daylighting control points are associated with thermal zones and are fine. To understand what is happening, I started to deduct elements from my model to see where the problem is. I noticed when I add air walls to my model, the daylight autonomy for the building becomes zero. I have no clue why this happens...

ZIZOO's avatar ZIZOO  ( 2020-05-30 16:57:35 -0600 )edit

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