Incremental Cost and Savings for Upgrades

asked 2020-05-22 10:18:19 -0500

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  • Using OpenStudio-Buildstock v.2.2.3
  • Using project_singlefamilydetached

I can't seem to produce the results_savings.csv after following the instruction on the Server Finalization Scriptsection of the ReadTheDocs ( In fact, running analyses with inputs into the Script Arguments for the Server Finalization Script section seems to have no effect at all.

The following screenshots showcase the inputs I've put into PAT tool before running the analysis:

Base and Upgrade Input base and upgrade

Apply Upgrade Input image description

I ran the above for two buildings and put the localResults folder in this Google Drive folder:

This drive folder also contains the Seed Zip File (although it's labeled as "project_singlefamilydetached" in the Google Drive folder), in which, I could not find the results_savings.csv. What am I doing wrong?

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