Failing on outside boundary condition objects

asked 2020-05-20 13:55:12 -0500

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I am trying to run the PNNL IECC-2018 residential prototype models. I currently have EnergyPlus 8.6 on my Mac and was hoping to just get them to run before updating any versions. Upon running an example with a heated basement I get the following error. image description

I believe the issue to be that the basement preprocessor is not running and populating the file (though could be wrong). I started the simulation using the following command (where run-eplus86 is an alias in my terminal).

run-eplus86 -w ../weather/USA_VT_Burlington.Intl.AP.726170_TMY3.epw -r -m -x -d ./demo ~/Downloads/USA_VT_Burlington/SF+CZ6A+USA_VT_Burlington.Intl.AP.726170+gasfurnace+heatedbsmt+IECC_2018.idf

Is my assumption regarding the preprocessor correct and if so how may I go about fixing it? Thanks


I should add that under the BuildingSurface definitions, the outside conditions are specified as preprocessed values.

image description

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