Ice storage integrated chiller

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EnergyPlus provides two types of models for Ice storage simulation:


In the engineering reference, for the Simple model, it has been noted that:

This implementation removed the integrated chiller and allows the tank to be charged by any chiller configuration in an EnergyPlus plant loop ... The ice storage model includes an implied 3-way valve to control the amount if charge/discharge based on the incoming water temperature and the outlet node setpoint temperature.

I checked the Detailed model description (Eng. ref and I/O ref) and I got confused about the differences between these two models:

  • Is there any integrated chiller in the Detailed model? It is not mentioned in the Detailed model description. I checked E+ example files (IceStorage-Series-ChillerUpstream.idf) which used the Detailed. Surprisingly, the curves associated with Chiller:Electric:EIR had 5 C as the minimum limit of leaving chilled water setpoint temperature (the chiller was reciprocating). How can this chiller charge the Ice storage tank?

  • EnergyPlus provides no schematic diagram for these to models. If there is no integrated chiller, are these two chillers schematically the same with slightly different results? The provided references were two old and I could find them on the internet. I have something like this in my mind for both models. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

image description

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