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I'm recreating a HVAC installation in a real building for my thesis. The building exist out of 3 air groups that each supply diffrent (multiple) zones. For example the setpoint of my second airloop is 22°C (this air loop is connected to diffrent rooms (thermal zones) to supply and extract air). This is not the supply air temperature of the ventilation but the value of the extracted air temperature from the diffrent rooms connected to this air group. So the temperature of the supply air in all the rooms are the same which are connected to this air group. But the value of this supply air temperature is variable.

My installation works if I set a setpoint manager for the supply air. But this is not how it works in reality. In reality the extracted air from the rooms should be 22°C. The installation then calculates what the supply air temperature should be to reach 22°C on the extraction side (this is measured right before the heat exchager). So the supply air temperature is not connected to a specific setpoint because it variates to achieve the goals on the extraction side. I simply tried to create a setpoint on the extraction side and deleted the setpoint on the supply side but (as expected) the simulation won't run because there is no setpointmanager on the supply side.

Does anyone have a suggestion how to make sure the supply air temperature in the rooms can be variable so the extracted air from all the rooms connected to the same air group is 22°C? (So not every room has to be at the same temperature, because there is also floor heating. But the mix of extracted air out of every room is in total 22°C).

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@arneV what software tool(s) are you using for this thesis work? If you add a tag for the tool, people can help answer your question better.

Aaron Boranian's avatar Aaron Boranian  ( 2020-05-09 09:08:10 -0500 )edit

Thanks for the tip. It's my first time asking a question on this forum. I'll add the tag. It's OpenStudio.

arneV's avatar arneV  ( 2020-05-11 05:59:43 -0500 )edit