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How can we measure the airflow rate from one zone to another zone in EnergyPlus in air changes per hour?

asked 2020-05-08 06:07:25 -0600

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I understand that we have an output variable named "AFN Zone Infiltration Air Change Rate" which gives us the air changes happening in a zone because of natural ventilation from outside. However, I want to quantify the air that is travelling from one zone to another zone in air changes per hour. How can I do that ?

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answered 2020-05-08 08:25:03 -0600

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I don´t know if there is a output that gives the ACH, but you can use the output variable Zone Mixing Current Density Volume Flow Rate [m3/s]The air volumetric flow rate in m3/s entering the zone due to the sum of mixing, cross-mixing, andrefrigeration-door mixing during the hour or timestep using the density of air evaluated at current zoneair conditions.

Then you can convert the m3/s to ACH.

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