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I am converting a model in DOE2.3 to EnergyPlus model for my simulation purposes. It is a 4 floor building. I am reading the objects and their properties from .inp file and using them to create objects in .idf file. My model has 32 zones, 6 system (VAV-4 and SZRH-2) objects, 4 circulation loops, chiller, boiler and domestic water heater objects in the .inp file.

Since I do not know how to find the node names and branch names, I planned to use HVACTemplate objects as they automatically generate the node-list. So I created HVACTemplate:Zone:VAV, HVACTemplate:System:VAV, HVACTemplate:Plant:Boiler, HVACTemplate:Plant:Chiller, HVACTemplate:Plant:ChilledWaterLoop, HVACTemplate:Plant:HotWaterLoop objects and inserted values accordingly.

But I get the following error in EnergyPlus.

[Connector:Splitter][Hot Water Loop HW Demand Splitter][branches][7] - Missing required property 'outlet_branch_name'

I compared my file with the example file of EnergyPlus "HAMT_DailyProfileReport.idf' which also uses HVACTemplate objects. I found that both files look similar and could not figure out which required objects were missing.

Can someone please have a look at the following file and help me fix the error? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YpqI... Thanks in advance!!

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