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Hello, I am trying to run the MoistAir.fmu example as given in the EnergyPlus documentation. I am using EnergyPlus 9.2.0 and successfully parsed the FMU into and IDF file and modified the Room IDF file to incorporate the temporary IDF. Upon trying to simulate the file I am getting teh following error:

** Severe  ** ExternalInterface/InitExternalInterfaceFMUImport: Error when trying to
**   ~~~   ** load FMI functions library of instance
**   ~~~   ** "Model1" of FMU "MoistAir.fmu".
**   ~~~   ** "Chec".
**  Fatal  ** ExternalInterface/StopExternalInterfaceIfError: Error in ExternalInterface: Check EnergyPlus *.err file.
...Summary of Errors that led to program termination:
..... Reference severe error count=1
..... Last severe error=ExternalInterface/InitExternalInterfaceFMUImport: Error when trying to
************* EnergyPlus Warmup Error Summary. During Warmup: 0 Warning; 1 Severe Errors.
************* EnergyPlus Sizing Error Summary. During Sizing: 0 Warning; 0 Severe Errors.
************* EnergyPlus Terminated--Fatal Error Detected. 0 Warning; 1 Severe Errors; Elapsed Time=00hr 00min  0.31sec

Anyone know how to fix this issue? Thanks in advance!

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Could you post the complete *.err file as well as the modified IDF file? On what operating system are you running your FMU?

Thierry Nouidui's avatar Thierry Nouidui  ( 2020-04-02 06:32:12 -0500 )edit