Sketch up Pro 2020 and Open Studio 2.9.1 [closed]

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I installed Sketch up Pro 2020 and then installed Open Studio 2.9.1 but I am not able to find Open Studio extension in Sketch Up Pro. What am I doing wrong?

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@rogerl62651 please read this post that had the same issue. Essentially, OpenStudio versions after 2.0.0 have only been compatible with SketchUp 2017. Any newer versions of SketchUp require a beta installer (you can find a link in the second answer from the post I linked to) or manually installing the OpenStudio 2.9.1 extension for SketchUp 2020. If you search for "openstudio sketchup" on Unmet Hours you will find LOTS of related posts as well.

Aaron Boranian's avatar Aaron Boranian  ( 2020-03-21 15:21:42 -0600 )edit