Baseline ventilation with AirflowNetwork Object

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I am simulating a glass house that whould be used for various events on some occasions. Using AirflowNetwork I've modeled detailed openings for the natural ventilation of the space. It works really well, or as it should. The window opening is controled through inside temperature. In winter there are many instances where the inside temperature isn't sufficiently high for the window opening to take place, so the Air Change rate is at 0 1/h. The problem is that at some of those hours there are occupants in the house, and I would like to let in a specific flow rate of air per person due to hygienic (CO2) reasons. This is where I'm stuck at the moment. Using ZoneVentilation:DesignFlowRate doesn't work when AirflowNetwork is being used. I could maybe define an AirflowNetwork Control as MultizoneWithDistributionOnlyDuringFanOperation and then define some sort of HVAC system that brings outside air in:

a) either a predefined flow of air per occupant

b) or brings in air when CO2 levels go over a specific ppm value

My other thoughts are to use some sort of object that is similar to the ZoneVentilation one, but that would work in this combination. So the base airflow can be obtained by natural or mechanical means, but it is important that the air comes with outside air temperature. The reason I really need this airflow of cold air is to see how it affects the heating and inside temperature.

Of course I'd be very grateful for any tips and feedback.

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