DOASDXCOIL_wADPBFMethod_NoReturnPath.idf Where does the excess air go?

asked 2020-02-28 11:32:46 -0500

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In the DOASDXCOIL_wADPBFMethod_NoReturnPath.idf eneryplus example file, the airloop for the DOAS doesn't have a return path. I checked in the IO Ref, and there are a few fields that are optional and should be blank if the airloop has no return path.

Where is the air being blown in the zone modeled as going when there is no return path?

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Exactly what I am wondering. Please, if anyone could provide an explanation about the path of excess air, I would very much appreciate it.

DavorJ's avatar DavorJ  ( 2020-04-11 06:01:43 -0500 )edit