ResStock Newbie Questions: What does it do?

asked 2020-02-18 19:12:18 -0500

updated 2020-02-21 07:53:48 -0500

I just found out about ResStock recently and am really amazed that this exists. I'm trying to understand how to work with it and have some basic questions:

According to, "ResStock and ComStock utilize weighted distributions of many hundreds or thousands of models to represent a single building type or vintage." --> Does this mean that for a given building type and vintage, ResStock will create a model for each variant of building characteristics, and then use probability weighting?

And then, "For premises- level targeting, the range of predicted savings is narrowed by each subsequent step in the matching process by adding increasingly granular detail on building characteristics from sources such as a tax assessor database or utility bills." --> Is this something for a particular city, for example, to do -- integrating in tax assessor and utility data?

Does ResStock have the ability to verify its building energy model's accuracy by comparing the model's results vs actual utility bill data, for example from Green Button XML?

"A guided owner self- assessment or professional on-site audit is an optional final step to gain maximum confidence in predicted savings and return on investment." --> How should this be done? Is there a user interface for the user to choose their building characteristics?

Or does ResStock produce a building energy model that could be run in OpenStudio or Energy+, so someone could help the homeowner or building owner change the model parameters?

Finally, is this the expected use case for ResStock?

  1. Integrate tax assessor database and utility bills data
  2. Generate list of potential improvements for each property
  3. Target property owners for energy efficiency projects
  4. Track results of energy efficiency projects

Can ResStock be used to compare actual energy efficiency projects' results vs. original projections? To me it seems like this would require an Energy+ model for M&V but maybe there's another way to do it?

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