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Using EnergyPlus Models for Measurement & Verification

asked 2020-02-05 17:25:29 -0600

updated 2020-02-05 18:12:51 -0600

I'd like to find out if anybody is building or using EnergyPlus models for measurement & verification (M&V) of energy projects under IPMVP Option D (Calibrated Models.)

If so could you share your experiences?


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2 Answers

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answered 2020-02-12 11:57:40 -0600

I noticed that your website has a focus on open source software solutions. Considering that DesignBuilder isn't open source, I would suggest that you check out OpenStudio. The answer provided by David Goldwasser to this Unmet Hours question should be helpful.

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answered 2020-02-11 04:01:52 -0600

Nishesh's avatar

I have used energyplus though DesignBuilder to generate IPMVP compliant models for Option C and D, mostly latter. The whole process to create a calibrated model is quite straightforward by iteratively modifying simulation inputs based on site data. Then use spreadsheet based tools and/or DB ResultsViewer to compare the simulated and measured values. Once calibrated the savings calculations can be done easily by using the cost module in DesignBuilder or you can do them manually in a spreadsheet. The key here is getting good (reliable and preferably regular) metered data from site.

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Thanks! That is helpful. Please get in touch with me (sichen [at] opensourcestrategies [dot] com) -- I'd like to see if you could help me set this up.

sichen1234's avatar sichen1234  ( 2020-02-12 11:23:20 -0600 )edit

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