DOE prototype and ASHRAE 90.1-2010 addendum as

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We updated the DOE prototype buildings 90.1-2004/2016 to run with EP 9.2 and get error for outpatient healthcare building type as follow:

...Summary of Errors that led to program termination: ..... Reference severe error count=1 ..... Last severe error=GetSetPointManagerInputs: SetpointManager:MixedAir="AHU-1_EXTRAWATERHEATC AIR TEMP MANAGER", reference node. *** Warning: Node connection errors not checked - most system input has not been read (see previous warning). *** Fatal error -- final processing. Program exited before simulations began. See previous error messages.

    AHU-1_ExtraWaterHeatC Air Temp Manager,  !- Name
    Temperature,             !- Control Variable
    AHU-1 Supply Equipment Outlet Node,  !- Reference Setpoint Node Name
    AHU-1_HeatC-AHU-1_FanNode,  !- Fan Inlet Node Name
    AHU-1_Fan-AHU-1 HumidifierNode,  !- Fan Outlet Node Name
    AHU-1 Supply Equipment Outlet Node;  !- Setpoint Node or NodeList Name

The error is setpoint and reference nodes have same value AHU-1 Supply Equipment Outlet Node. There are 2 similar setpoint managers: one for electrical heating coil and one for hot water coil which locate after steam humidifier. As described in pnnl doc, those coils are implemented to describe the energy gain from insulating the humidifier while water_heating coil (last) increases the temperature for vertical integral face-and-bypass (VIFB) type steam preheating coil during free cooling mode. . I wonder why doe prototypes building .idfs have 2 setpointManagers:MixedAir for those 2 coils since Both of coils use EMS to modified coil node setpoint as EMS code below and 2 other setpointmanager:MixedAir assigned setpoint for main DX and water heating coils?

AHU_1_Main,               !- Name
IF AHU_1_Humidifier_Status > 0,   !- Program Line 1 ## set elec coil operation and setpoint
SET AHU_1_ExtraElecHeatC_Status = 1,   !- Program Line 2
SET AHU_1_ExtraElecHeatC_SP = AHU_1_AfterHumidifier_Temp + 1.4,   !- <none>
ELSE,                     !- <none>
SET AHU_1_ExtraElecHeatC_Status = 0,   !- <none>
SET AHU_1_ExtraElecHeatC_SP = NULL,   !- <none>
ENDIF,                    !- <none>
IF T_OA < 10,,                        !- <none> ## set water coil operation and setpoint 
SET HeatGain = 3 * (AHU_1_FanDesignMass/1.2) *2118,  !- <none>
SET FlowRate = (AHU_1_FanMassFlow/1.2)*2118,  !- <none>
SET AHU_1_PreheatDeltaT = HeatGain/(1.08*FlowRate),  !- <none>
SET AHU_1_ExtraWaterHeatC_Status = 1,  !- <none>
SET AHU_1_ExtraWaterHeatC_SP = AHU_1_AfterElecHeatC_Temp + AHU_1_PreheatDeltaT,  !- <none>
ELSE,                    !- <none>
SET AHU_1_ExtraWaterHeatC_Status = 0,  !- <none>
SET AHU_1_ExtraWaterHeatC_SP = NULL,  !- <none>
ENDIF;                   !- <none>
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