Hybrid ventilation using AFN

asked 2020-01-29 00:04:17 -0600

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I am working on a model with an airflow network and I am giving an ideal air load system (using HVAC template)!to get cooling loads without actually having a detail HVAC system. I have given ventilation setpoint as 22 degrees and outdoor temperature range as 18 - 35 degrees. The cooling setpoint is 24 degrees. Now I expect that it gives priority to ventilation and when the required conditions are not met for ventilation only then ideal air load system should work. But results show that the ideal air load system is working continuously as per the schedule it's not getting shut even when conditions are met for ventilation to work. so there are instances where ventilation and ideal air load system is working together. ![hybrid ventilation settings] Kindly help

image description image description image description

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