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Nonconvex surface error: how to change solar distribution in OS?

asked 2020-01-14 13:53:20 -0600

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I am encountering the non-convex surface shading issue in OS. I would like to change the Solar Distribution to FullExterior only as suggested by this post. Is it possible to change this setting within OpenStudio? I am not sure how to do so and am not an energy plus user. Thanks!

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answered 2020-01-14 15:13:49 -0600

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Found it! In Settings > Simulation Control

To my surprise "FullExterior" was already selected however, so the issue must be with the NzeHvac measure I am trying to use, which much have a different solar distribution setting? Otherwise I'm not sure why I'm getting the non-convex surface error?

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Post the full error message. The NZEHvac measure is agnostic to the solar distribution setting. Something else is likely causing the error in your model.

mdahlhausen's avatar mdahlhausen  ( 2020-01-14 15:54:07 -0600 )edit

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