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Whereabouts of script

asked 2020-01-10 12:03:18 -0600

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I had an EnergyPlus 9.0 IDF I updated to 9.2 with a Table:TwoIndependentVariables object. Where can I find the file to convert my old CSV input to a 9.2 compatible format?

 Output:PreprocessorMessage,Conversion 9.1 => 9.2,Warning,
Table:TwoIndependentVariables="Data Center Cooling Power Table",
 references an external file="CRAC CZ1-15 datapoints.csv",
. External files must be converted to the new format;
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answered 2020-01-10 12:37:37 -0600

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@shorowit I ended up having to translate by hand. The EnergyPlus simulation was crashing after the IDF update. I ended up starting out with a super simple implementation of my previous code and made incremental changes. I think the crashing was caused by referencing an external file in the lookup table related objects but not specifying the column and row fields in the table related objects. Instead of gracefully generating an ERR file, EnergyPlus just crashed. I don't know for sure though.

mldichter's avatar mldichter  ( 2020-01-10 13:11:50 -0600 )edit

These new lookup table objects and documentation are a lot better than the previous objects overall though.

mldichter's avatar mldichter  ( 2020-01-10 13:14:45 -0600 )edit

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