Does anyone know which side wall (west, east, south, north) of single office building envelope will transfer higher heat energy?

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I am working on a sngle office room model using EnergyPlus. The simulation results showed that more heat is transferred though roof than walls and glazing. But don't know which side wall will transfer more heat. According to the simulation results, east sided wall will transfer more heat than others but studied in literature more heat is transferring through south sided wall. Now I am confusing what I have to do for that.... Still it is showing Zero error and warning. If anyone know about how much heat will be transfered through each side of building envelope? Which side wall will transfer higher heat?
I need help in this regard.

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We need a lot more information to help you out. What is the building orientation? What are the properties of the walls and windows? How many windows are on each facade? Where is the building and what is the climate? When you say more heat is transferring through the south wall, is this annual or over a specific time span?

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Mr. Mdahlhausen please share your personal email.

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Post the answers here so others can answer.

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Dear Sir, Here is complete detail. The building's orientation is in South-West OR North-East (not remember exact orientation). North axis is zero degree. IDF file was generated 1 year ago. The properties of Walls and Windows are thermal conductivity, density, specific heat, thermal, solar and visible absorptance . Their values were taken from ASHRAE HOF, and few values were taken as default. There is only one window on west wall, the door on south wall, while east and north walls have neither door nor window. (con't)

Suhaib Ansari's avatar Suhaib Ansari  ( 2019-12-13 04:22:08 -0600 )edit

.The cement plaster (upper and lower) and concrete were considered for roof, cement plaster (inner and outer) and fired-cay bricks were considered for walls , Clear glass was considered for window. Fiber glass was considered for frame. The building is considered in Hyderabad Pakistan and climate is hot and neither dry nor humid. The respective weather file (.epw) was used for simulation of program (Code: TMYx 417640, WMO Region 2 Asia). The more heat will transfer through east wall and then west, south and last north wall, monthy and daily wise (for hottest month May) (Con'd)

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