Thermostat Schedule Set

asked 2019-11-27 06:21:17 -0500

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updated 2019-11-28 04:22:10 -0500

Hellow, Dear Sir i am doing On off heating cooling mode as did in this link

but my system didn't follow this . heating and cooling are not according to my requirement. cooling and heating start when no need for it. room temperature is beyond 30 while coolling setpoint is 25. in heating mode ,heating stated when no need for it.

Kindly help me as soon as possible

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maybe you should check your "system availabilty schedule name" in your HVACTemplate. Make sure it is suit with the "schedule name" in AvailabilityManager:Scheduled

timotius.kelvin's avatar timotius.kelvin  ( 2020-04-26 01:37:35 -0500 )edit