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unknown object of type trnsys 3d: Zone added trnsys [closed]

asked 2019-11-10 22:39:30 -0600

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hello, everyone. I faced a problem when starting to learn how to draw a zone in trnsys3d from the beginning. When I tried to create a new trnsys3d zone, an error message appeared. ''unknown object of type trnsys 3d: Zone added trnsys. '' I googled this but there was no answer about this question. Thanks for any suggestion! My sketchup version is 2017.

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Hi, would you please tell me how did you solve this issue? Thank you in advance

Nimafo's avatar Nimafo  ( 2020-12-20 14:40:57 -0600 )edit

Hello. I have the same problem with the same SketchUp version. Could you tell me how you solved, please? Thank you.

ale's avatar ale  ( 2022-05-06 05:40:25 -0600 )edit

1 Answer

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answered 2019-11-12 09:04:40 -0600

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For this type of error you will get the best technical support by contacting your TRNSYS distributor directly.

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Thank you for your quick answer. I'll try this way.

oscircle's avatar oscircle  ( 2019-11-12 19:17:31 -0600 )edit


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