Openstuio,thermal zone include spaces with different floors. [closed]

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Hello, I have a problem with a simulation,is there anybody answer my question.I made a building with 2 floor in openstuio with 6 zone thermal,some of thermal has different floors for example zone 1 includes 4 space with different floors (first floor and second floor),and zone thermal 2 has 2 spaces in different floors. Right now, there is some problem for simulation and adding HVAC equipment because the spaces in the same thermal zones don't have the same story ,on the other hand ,when I transfer the file to energy plus there are some warning for example this warning (Warning * Calculate Zone Volume: The Zone="THERMAL ZONE 1" is not fully enclosed. To be fully enclosed, each edge of a surface must also be an edge on one other surface. * ~~~ * The zone volume was calculated using the floor area times ceiling height method where the floor and ceiling are the same except for the z-coordinates. * ~~~ * The surface "SURFACE 102" has an edge that is either not an edge on another surface or is an edge on three or more surfaces: * ~~~ * Vertex start { 21.3399, 3.1865, 3.0000} * ~~~ ** Vertex end { 31.4355, 3.1865, 3.0000})

Thank you for your answer!

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