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DX:SingleSpeed Heating Coil - Heating Capacity

asked 2019-11-05 16:16:18 -0500

Chun gravatar image

Hi, I have a building model with Packaged Terminal Heat Pump. I want to use EMS to change the DX cooling / heating coil capacity. In the .edd file I found the Actuator for the cooling coil total cooling capacity:

"EnergyManagementSystem:Actuator Available,1LEVEL1:T3WEST PTHP DX COOLING COIL,Coil:Cooling:DX:SingleSpeed,Autosized Rated Total Cooling Capacity,[W]"

But I can't find the equivalent Actuator for the heating coil. Does anyone know what is the equivalent for heating coil? Or how to change the heating capacity?


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2 Answers

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answered 2019-11-07 09:04:30 -0500

I think that it would be easier for you to avoid EMS altogether and "hard-size" the DX cooling / heating coil capacity -- enter the specific capacity value you want instead of Autosizing.

The EMS Actuator option that you found will only adjust the Autosized Rated Total Cooling Capacity, which is set once at the beginning of the simulation -- it isn't updated every timestep like most other actuators are. This is because it can only be used during the EMS calling point AfterComponentInputReadIn.

In the future, your process of searching the .edd file for available actuators in your .idf is totally correct. In this situation, there are no actuators available to alter the DX heating coil. This is because there is a pre-set list of actuators that are available for users to override EnergyPlus model behavior. In other words, users cannot override every possible detail of the model -- only certain details determined appropriate for customized controls by the EnergyPlus development team.

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Hi Aaron, Thanks.

Chun gravatar imageChun ( 2019-11-07 15:58:44 -0500 )edit

answered 2019-11-07 09:02:39 -0500

From a code review, that actuator was only set up for the DX Cooling Coil. I do not see any actuator for heating coil sizing nor any actuators in the PTHP to control sizing.

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