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Issues running BCVTB on Mac

asked 2019-10-20 14:46:35 -0500

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I am trying to get BCVTB running on my mac (version 10.15) but running into issues. I have the latest version of JDK. I am continuously getting "Failed to get field handle to set library path". I have the latest version of BCVTB and installed EnergyPlus 8.5.0. I have followed this link and nothing has changed. I have tried changing the system properties but not sure what I need to change. I've looked through the entries on the google group and can't figure out how to fix my issues. Please help!!

Here is my system properties file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE properties SYSTEM "">
 System properties for Mac OS X

>  Entries in this file will be added to
> the set of  environment variables when
> the BCVTB is started.
>  Possible placeholders are ${x} or $x,
> where x can be PTII, CLASSPATH,
> BCVTB_HOME, or any   system
> environment variable (such as PATH).
> --> <properties> <entry key="myProgramBin">/Applications/bcvtb/bin</entry>
> <entry
> key="PTII">/Applications/ptII11.01/bin</entry>
> <entry
> key="PATH">$myProgramBin:$PATH</entry>
> <entry
> key="ENERGYPLUS_BIN">/Applications/EnergyPlus-8-5-0</entry>
> <entry
> key="MATLAB_BIN">/Applications/</entry>
> <!-- The entry below assumes that
> Radiance is installed in
> /usr/local/ray 
>      Please also check RAYPATH below --> <entry key="BCVTB_RADIANCE_BIN">/usr/local/ray/bin</entry>
> <!-- RAYPATH sets the path to the
> Radiance libraries.
>      Note that a period is required to search for the current directory. -->
> <entry
> key="RAYPATH">/usr/local/lib/ray:.</entry>
> <!-- SYSTEM PATH -->
> <entry key="PATH">
> <entry
> key="MATLABPATH">$BCVTB_HOME/lib/matlab</entry>
> <entry
> <!-- CLASSPATH -->
> <entry
> key="CLASSPATH">${BCVTB_HOME}/lib:${PTII}:${PTII}/ptolemy/actor/gui/jnlp/BCVTBApplication.jar:${PTII}/doc/codeDocBcvtb.jar:${PTII}/lbnl/lbnl.jar:${PTII}/lbnl/demo/demo.jar:${PTII}/doc/design/usingVergil/usingVergil.jar:${PTII}/doc/docConfig.jar:${PTII}/lib/diva.jar:${PTII}/lib/kieler.jar:${PTII}/ptolemy/ptsupport.jar:${PTII}/ptolemy/vergil/vergil.jar:${PTII}/ptolemy/domains/continuous/continuous.jar:${PTII}/ptolemy/domains/continuous/demo/demo.jar:${PTII}/ptolemy/domains/sdf/sdf.jar:${PTII}/ptolemy/domains/sdf/demo/demo.jar:${PTII}/ptolemy/domains/modal/modal.jar:${PTII}/ptolemy/domains/modal/demo/demo.jar:${PTII}/ptolemy/actor/parameters/demo/demo.jar:${PTII}/ptolemy/matlab/matlab.jar:${PTII}/ptolemy/matlab/demo/demo.jar:${PTII}/lib/matlab.jar:${PTII}/ptolemy/actor/lib/comm/demo/demo.jar:${PTII}/ptolemy/actor/lib/database/database.jar:${PTII}/ptolemy/actor/lib/hoc/demo/demo.jar:${PTII}/ptolemy/actor/lib/javasound/demo/demo.jar:${PTII}/ptolemy/data/type/demo/demo.jar:${PTII}/ptolemy/data/unit/demo/demo.jar:${PTII}/ptolemy/moml/demo/demo.jar:${PTII}/ptolemy/vergil/kernel/attributes/demo/demo.jar:${PTII}/lib/jna.jar:${PTII}/org/ptolemy/fmi/fmi.jar:${PTII}/ptolemy/actor/lib/fmi/fmi.jar:${PTII}/ptolemy/actor/lib/fmi/demo/demo.jar:${PTII}/ptolemy/vergil/basic/imprt/fmu/fmu.jar:${PTII}/lib/jython ...
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I encountered the same problem. How did you solve it?

ywang97's avatar ywang97  ( 2020-03-29 10:19:43 -0500 )edit

See the answer proposed by @gus. You should downgrade your version of Java. The latest version of the BCVTB was compiled using Java 8. Hence, if you try to use it with the newest version of Java, you may run into troubles.

Thierry Nouidui's avatar Thierry Nouidui  ( 2020-03-31 02:41:52 -0500 )edit

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answered 2019-10-24 16:04:49 -0500

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Solution 1

Downgrade java, preferably using adoptopenjdk8.

If you use brew:

brew tap AdoptOpenJDK/homebrew-openjdk

brew cask install adoptopenjdk8

If not, try installing a java version older than 8, which can be downloaded from the official java repository.

Solution 2 (a bit unstable)

Download the latest version of Ptolemy II. Then, in BCVTB, replace the library BCVTB/lib/ptII/ with a symlink to the brand new Ptolemy. Trouble is that some of the dependencies are compiled with different versions of c, fortran, etc. and so the program may stop at any time.

In both cases, the file is only adapted to match the EPlus version. (So, no change here).

Hope this works.

PS. I know it's bad practice to install software recommended in the web, but these are the solutions that have worked for me so far. My apologies for this.

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