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Good Day I am a masters student about to finish my thesis using DesignBuilder which incorporates EnergyPlus and my supervisor has asked for a background into EnergyPlus. I have spent over a week now reading through the help documents online especially the engineering reference on although I am still battling a lot with being able to define the exact process that Energyplus takes as I cant seem to find how the program works and what the main equations it uses are.

I am looking for some assistance obtaining a very generalized explanation on the workings behind the overall energy balance that EnergyPlus applies. as well as any inaccuracies. A general heat balance as well as the definitions of the terms would be ideal as well as What empirical correlations do they use for heat transfer coefficients, how do they handle incoming solar energy changes, what do they include and what do they ignore, what assumptions do they make etc.

Any documentation or even the location of it in one of the manuals would be of great assistance. at this point any information would be a break through

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