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How to contribute to the Building Component Library?

asked 2015-03-30 08:17:37 -0500


I've created a pretty simple "Apply Now" measure, that adds a PSZ-HP (System 4) to each thermal zone of an openstudio model, and where you can define the default COP for heating and the default COP for cooling, and have a boolean to define whether you want a supplementary electric heating coil or not.

I'm thinking this measure could be useful to someone else, considering that if you have many zones it's painful to do it one by one. Therefore I'm thinking it might be useful to upload it to the Building Component Library (BCL).


First, I'd like some confirmation that the BCL is indeed meant to welcome code contribution from lambda users such as myself.

Second, assuming it is, as I understand it, in order to submit content to the Building Component Library, a user must be part of a Group.

I'm fairly confused about whether I should:

  • Join an existing group: joining an existing group will allow a review of the code by the administrator at least (which I view as a good thing). There are several groups already, and it appears possible to request membership to any of them, whether they might welcome it or not. I'm confused about which one to join and whether there is a default group or not.

  • Create a new group. But a group of one user isn't really a group, is it?

Can someone clarify these two related questions?

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2 Answers

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answered 2015-03-30 09:15:59 -0500

updated 2015-03-30 09:16:28 -0500

You are not only welcome, but encouraged to submit content to the BCL! That's kind of the point of the thing. :)

You are correct that you must be part of a group to upload and publish content. A number of groups do exist, and you could request to be made a member of one that you are affiliated with. There is no problem creating your own group though. It could be a group of one, or perhaps you'd like to get together with some like minded OpenStudio hackers to create some awesome measure content.

We can't wait to see what you've come up with!

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Thanks for the answer. To clarify with one example: the "NREL" group is intended for NREL employees, not for everyone than want their code reviewed by NREL employees? Being not affiliated with any of them, I guess I should create a "Lambda user" group then ;)

Julien Marrec's avatar Julien Marrec  ( 2015-03-30 09:39:34 -0500 )edit

You're correct. The NREL group is for NREL staff - specifically members of the OpenStudio development team. Feel free to submit an application for "Team Lambda." The BCL admin has been given a heads up!

ljbrackney's avatar ljbrackney  ( 2015-03-30 10:27:29 -0500 )edit

Done. I will add a link once it's approved

Julien Marrec's avatar Julien Marrec  ( 2015-03-30 10:59:40 -0500 )edit

answered 2015-03-30 11:06:19 -0500

If you are not affiliated to any existing groups, please consider joining the group Team Lambda.

This group is intended for anyone not already affiliated with another existing group, so that any "lambda" user can submit his own measures. Hopefully this will become used by enough users so that peer review of any posted measures can happen properly!

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